Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the sale of products (hereinafter "Products") of Huminisc IT-Partner AB, organ. 556955-8892 (hereinafter "Find4U"), unless otherwise agreed in writing between the respective consumer (hereinafter "the Consumer") and the Find4U. When sold to Consumer, Bargain4U applies the mandatory rules that follow from applicable law, including law (2005: 59) on distance contracts and agreements outside business premises.


Products sold on Fynd4U's web-based trading platform ("Handelsplatsen") were created by Fynd4U, following an offer from individual tradesmen and users of Handelsplatsen (hereinafter "Shops") and after review and approval by Fynd4U. Bargain4U is a prerequisite for Consumers being satisfied with the Products that are marketed and marketed at Handelsplatsen, which also gives rise to stringent demands on the Stores. The stores are thus responsible for the fact that each individual Product complies with the product descriptions as well as for each individual Product, for example, provided special warranties that the Product complies with the requirements imposed on, inter alia, safety, health and the environment, the Product does not infringe on third party intellectual property rights (such as pirate copies) or in any way violates applicable rules, standards and practices. Finding 4U is very much about not marketing, selling or marketing Products that do not meet the requirements of Find4U on the Stores and the Products that are marketed at Handelsplatsen. Finding 4U therefore urges the Consumer to notify Fynd4U of this in the event of suspicion of irregularity in a Product (even when refusal or complaint is not made).


Purchase of Products is via www.Fynd4U.se. Find4U will enter into a purchase agreement with the Consumer only when Fynd4U confirmed the order through an order confirmation by email. Bargain4U does not include agreements with minors (under 18 years) without the goalkeeper's approval. Bargain4U is not responsible for information at Handelsplatsen from third parties. All image information should be seen as illustrations, and can not be guaranteed to reflect the exact appearance, nature or origin of the product. In the event that a Product in Find4U's product range has expired or for any other reason is not available in compliance with reasonable efforts, the purchase will be canceled and the consumer will then be entitled to withdraw his money from the purchase. We reserve the right to block you for further purchases through our website if we have reason to believe that you have made orders that violate the provisions of these Terms and Conditions or in violation of applicable law (for example, if we suspect fraud).

Terms and Conditions

General about delivery of Products

Find4U works both with its own warehouse and has linked individual stores in Sweden that stock the Products. According to the agreement between Butik og Fynd4U, the Shop is obliged to reserve and "earmark" the Products for sale at Handelsplatsen. The consumer's order is sent from the respective store's own warehouse after Fynd4U has confirmed the purchase by order confirmation to the Consumer. If the Consumer has ordered Products that come from different Stores, the Products may be shipped to the Consumer in different shipment. The consumer responds to all information that the Consumer indicates to Find4U in connection with purchase, such as delivery address details. Find4U or Affected Store does not respond to any issues (such as delivery or refund) that may occur due to incorrect or inadequate information to Find4U. The consumer shall bear the additional costs that may arise in connection with the incorrect or inadequate information. Certain Products sold at the Trading Site have physical characteristics (size and / or weight) that do not allow them to be sent by normal mail, such products are referred to as "untoward and / or heavy products" in this section. For untrue and / or heavy products, special delivery terms apply, which are further explained in this section. For all Products that do not constitute untrue and / or heavy products, the following terms of delivery apply: Terms of Delivery for Products (other than bulky and / or heavy products) The stores are required to process the Consumer's orders within 24 hours on Fridays Monday to Friday and the Consumer shall have received delivery of the Product within 5 working days (free from Monday to Friday) from the order confirmation to the consumer. Products marked with "Express Delivery" are shipped within 2 business days, or within 3 business days to zip code starting at 62 and 77-98. Consumers who have not received a notification or delivery notice within the specified time of purchase should contact Fynd4U as soon as possible to ensure that there is no error with eg. notification.

Delivery Terms for Inconvenient and / or Heavy Products

The fact that a Product constitutes an untrue and / or heavy product is usually shown in the Product's advertisement at Handelsplatsen and is always stated in the order confirmation that the Consumer receives after a completed order. Within 5 business days (free from Monday to Friday) from the order confirmation to the Consumer, the Store providing the untrue and / or heavy product shall contact the Consumer to jointly determine the date of delivery of the untrue and / or heavy product. The store will provide the Customer with delivery within 5 working days (free from Monday to Friday) from the day the shop contacts the consumer. Delivery of untrue and / or heavy products usually means that the Consumer must physically attend and receive the inconvenient and / or heavy product at his home address and that the delivery is carried out during normal office hours.

Delivery delays and cancellations

If delivery delay occurs, Bargain4U announces the Consumer. The consumer is always entitled to advertise his purchase in accordance with applicable consumer law rules if the Product is not received within the stated delivery time. Complaint of purchase must be made in writing to Fynd4U via e-mail. However, the consumer is acknowledged that there is no automatic right to withdraw the purchase in the event of any delays that Fynd4U resolves within a reasonable period of time. In case of complaint due to delayed delivery, the Consumer shall prepare Bargain4U reasonable time to complete the purchase. In case of cancellation, the Consumer may be required to compensate for any costs and losses incurred before the cancellation was made (eg shipping costs) and Fynd4U may then count on such cost or loss from payment as the Consumer has made to Find4U.

If cancellation is made, Fynd4U will refund the refunded amount (less any reasonable costs or loss caused by cancellation) without unnecessary delay and no later than 14 calendar days after cancellation has been received. There may be times when it is impossible to complete an order, for example, if an individual Store can not fulfill its commitment to Fynd4U. Finding 4U is not responsible for the transport risk, i.e. the risk of a Product being damaged or disposed of during the shipment to the Consumer, without the individual shop sending the Product. However, if damage during transport occurs on the Product, the Consumer shall refer to Find4U. Find4U helps the Consumer at the request of questions regarding transportation and delivery. The consumer represents the risk of possible returns and all returns must be made according to instructions from Fynd4U. The consumer should report any shipping damage to the shipping company as soon as the Product has been received. Visible transport damage should be notified immediately in connection with the delivery, as such damage is typically covered by the liability of the shipping company, where the deadline for charging is generally very short. The consumer must also report any shipping damage to Fynd4U within a reasonable time after the fault has been detected or should have been discovered. If the product has visible transport damage, the Consumer is responsible for unpacking and inspecting the condition of the product within a shorter time after receipt.

Unpacked packages

If the Consumer does not collect his package within the specified time and the Product is returned, Fynd4U will charge the Consumer the actual shipping cost of the package per unpaid shipping for each Store. Bargain4U will refund the amount paid to the Consumer, reduced by the mentioned fee, without unnecessary delay and no later than 14 calendar days after Fynd4U becomes aware that the affected Store has received the returned package.

Prices and payment

Bargain prices and charges quoted at Handelsplatsen are inclusive of value added tax unless otherwise specifically stated.

Gift Cards

Gift cards purchased at Handelsplatsen serve as valid payment for 1 year from the date of purchase, or for the shorter or longer period indicated by the gift card, for all Products at the Handelssted with the exception of gift cards.

Security and Privacy

All Consumer Data Management is encrypted with the highest level of security, using an SSL Certificate issued by the Equifax Secure Certificate Authority.

Find4U deals with the Consumer's personal information in accordance with the applicable Privacy Policy.

Bargain4U is seriously looking at fraud and fraud and is actively working to counteract these.

Return Policy

The consumer's right of withdrawal is governed by the Act (2005: 59) on distance contracts and agreements outside business premises as well as current practice. Generally, the Consumer has 14 calendar days' right of withdrawal on all products. For products purchased by the Consumer between 25 November and 24 December, the customer is entitled to withdraw his purchase until 31 January of the following year. The consumer is therefore entitled to withdraw from the purchase agreement by submitting or sending a notice within this period. Sealed products are subject to the right of withdrawal only if the sealing is unbroken. For Products subject to the right of withdrawal, the Consumer may be required to substitute Fynd4U for a Product's depreciation in so far as it is because the Consumer handled the Product to a greater extent than was necessary to determine its characteristics or function, which may be the case if The product is returned in used or damaged condition. The withdrawal period begins to run from the date the consumer received the Product. Bargain4U pays refunded purchase amount without unnecessary delay after the return has been received or the Consumer has shown that the Product has been returned. The consumer shall pay the return freight himself and is advised to return the returned product in original packaging and accompanying packaging. To use the right of withdrawal, Bargain4U recommends that the Consumer first contact Bargain4U before the Consumer returns a Product (for contact details see the "Contact Us" tab). By contacting Fynd4U Customer Service, Quick Return Processing and prompt access to Fynd4U will be obtained promptly to confirm receipt of the message. However, if the Consumer so chooses, repentance may be made by filling in any of the standard forms developed for exercising the right of withdrawal (http://publikationer.konsumentverket.se) or by Fynd4U (see link at the end of these terms). The consumer agrees that, in order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Consumer, within 14 calendar days from the date of cancellation, returns the Refused Product. Unless the Product has been returned within the prescribed time, the right of withdrawal shall expire. You can also use our cancellation form to undo your purchase, find it here.

Warranty and warranty

All Products sold at Handelsplatsen are sold under warranty under current consumer law. Deviations from the usual billing rules are listed in the product ads, for example, for Products sold in "Existing Condition". Products that come from bankruptcy cases, Products that may have certain defects (such as smoke-faded clothing and the like) or Products with functional defects. In such cases, a limited warranty will apply because the price offered corresponds to the existing condition of the product.

Finding 4U also handles all consumer support and communication with the Consumer regarding his purchase, including receipt and handling of complaints. However, in certain cases, the consumer may be contacted with the affected Store, for example, if the Buyer or Case of the Consumer is subject to legal review regarding issues relating to the Retail Store or to conditions that the Shop is otherwise responsible for. Certain Products are covered by special warranties and the scope of the warranty is stated in such cases of the product ad or, alternatively, accompanies the Product at the time of delivery.

In complaint and warranty cases, Fynd4U, or the relevant Store after consultation with Find4U, makes a survey to determine whether any errors exist. If such an investigation shows that there is no error, Fynd4U, or the relevant Shop, is entitled to charge a debug fee according to the paragraph below. In the event of a defect in Product or Order, the Consumer may temporarily pay for the returned freight, but in such cases, may be entitled to compensation. In case of complaint, the Consumer is entitled to the penalties imposed by applicable consumer rules. Accordingly, the consumer agrees that, in accordance with reasonable terms, the Store may or may not offer the Consumer remedy (eg repair) or re-delivery if this can be done within a reasonable time and at no additional cost to the Consumer. If this can not be done, the Consumer is entitled to claim a deduction or compensation to correct the error. If the error is of significant importance to the Consumer, the Consumer has the right to cancel the purchase. In the case of defects in Product not caused by the Consumer but subject to a special warranty provided by the Shop, the Product is repaired or replaced by the individual Store at the expense of the Shop. In addition, the Consumer has no further opportunity to claim compensation from Fynd4U. The consumer should save and keep the order confirmation and receipt from his purchase well because the document is required if the Consumer needs to advertise the Product.

Debugging fee, etc.

In the event of a complaint or complaint regarding the investigation of an advertised product, it is found that the product does not contain an error for which the Find4U or the Shop in question is responsible for Finding4U or the relevant Store which performed such inquiry (or on whose behalf the investigation was conducted) to charge the Consumer a reasonable troubleshooting fee. The troubleshooting fee may not exceed SEK 350 and may only be withdrawn, provided that the Consumer is informed that such debugging fee may be charged before the investigation has been completed.

In the event of a complaint or complaint regarding the investigation of an advertised product, it is found that the product is not accompanied by an error for which the Finder4U or the relevant Shop is responsible and the Consumer wishes to have the product shipped, the Store shall inform the Consumer of the cost of the return freight, if The consumer still wants the product returned, the Consumer will pay for the return freight.

Disputes and lawsuits

Under these terms and conditions, Swedish material law shall apply. In case of dispute, we will follow the recommendations of the Swedish Complaints Board. Disputes arising from these General Terms and Conditions between Fynd4U and a Customer who is not a Consumer shall be reviewed by Jönköpings tingsrätt as the first and only instance.